Di Nixi


Ambition, a strong work ethic, and a desire to bring people what they didn’t know they wanted are things that perfectly characterize 17-year-old Camille Dunning (aka Di Nixi).Di nixi

She is spending day and night crafting groovy, pumping house tracks in her bedroom studio, continuously working to improve her skills. Camille was born in the San Francisco Bay Area. And spent her childhood in the Los Angeles Area, where she first gained exposure to the bustling music scene. She is now back Bay Area, balancing her life as an EDM producer and a high school student.

Music has captured the young artist’s allure since she first started talking. From jamming on top of factory beats late at night on her Yamaha keyboard as a 7-year-old, her active participation in choir for over ten years, her rare gift of perfect pitch, to teaching herself jazz and funk on the electric guitar, Camille has a passion for music that is continuing to grow to astronomic proportions.

As a Result of her Awesome we decided to sign her at honour records with banger like Cobra and corrosion and her newest single we are very happy to got her on the honour records team.

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